But it doesn't actually exist, does it? It is projected to exist; there is a rationalization, i.e, a series of impossible expectations which culminate, impossibly, in socialism without authoritarianism. But it does not actually exist.

We know what really happens. As has been demonstrated many times all over the world…

"They said this themself!" This screams of bad grammar, but it's correct if we accept "they" as the universal third person pronoun. I refuse. It's not just inelegant, it's an affront to logic and precision. "I've been shot at!" "They ran around the corner that way!" One shooter? A whole…

Pluralis, this is an excellent article! It should be read widely. I have a question and a key missing piece of the puzzle for you:

Question: We understand that the goal of Marxism was and is not to improve and perfect the foundational ideas of America but to foment revolution…

Paul Fiery

Observing. Gathering and curating ideas. Getting ready.

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